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Pools, Floors, Fireplaces: What Do Couples Fight Over?

Couple buyers can be deeply in love and still argue while house hunting.

NEW YORK – Couples bicker when trying to decide on a home to buy, and they usually need to compromise along the path to finding a listing they can both accept. In some cases, Realtors find that they’re playing the role of mediator in an intra-family dispute.

Nearly one in four homeowners said their current home doesn’t have all the features their partner considered important, according to a survey of more than 980 homeowners by, a home remodeling website.

So what features inspire the most spats during a house hunt? Wood-burning fireplaces, in-ground pools and hardwood flooring top the list, according to the survey. With a pool, for example, couples may not see eye-to-eye on whether the joy of having a private swimming pool is worth the ongoing maintenance costs and upkeep.

“Not all features are bound to cause a struggle though,”’s study notes. “Couples were often quick to agree on energy-efficient appliances, newly renovated bedrooms and freshly upgraded bathrooms.”

Still, 49% of couples said housing hunting strained their relationship.

Top 5 features couples disagreed on:

  1. Wood-burning fireplace
  2. In-ground pool
  3. Hardwood flooring
  4. Outdoor bar or barbecue area
  5. Finished garage

Top 5 features couples agree on:

  1. Energy-efficient appliances
  2. Newly renovated bedrooms
  3. Newly renovated bathrooms
  4. Installed security system
  5. Finished basement

SOURCE: “Homeowners’ Most Wanted,” (2020)

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