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Looking to Buy or Sell in 2019?

Top 7 Things Naples Luxury Home Buyers Want Most

For those looking to purchase a luxury home in Naples in 2019, there are many beautiful homes on the market from which to choose. As a result, buyers have become more demanding. For home sellers, however, that fact presents a challenge: how to ensure that your home stands out from the rest of the pack. The key is to understand what is most important to home buyers in a luxury home.

Below is a list of 7 of the most sought after luxury home features:

  • Let there be light. In Naples, we are blessed with so much sunshine and home buyers want to let the sunshine in. Homes with big beautiful windows are in demand. Retractable glass walls are even better. 
  • High ceilings. High ceilings are in high demand. Higher ceilings make spaces feel larger, grander and more modern without the need to add more square footage to the home.
  • Home Smart Home. Buyers want, and expect, luxury homes that provide easy control of systems such as security, cameras, climate, lighting, and audio-video. The peace of mind homeowners have knowing their home is safe and secure while they are at home and away is critical.
  • Cool kitchens. Even if even they don't cook, home buyers still want a great kitchen. People feel comfortable and love to entertain in the kitchen. Amenities such as high-end appliances, wine fridges, and butler's pantries are highly sought after. As for kitchen countertops, Quartzite is the star of the show. This beautiful natural stone is harder than granite and less prone to staining than marble, with the most popular colors being whites and light grays.
  • Beautiful bathrooms. Why just have a bathroom when you can have a spa? A luxurious walk-in shower and a beautiful free-standing tub are things that buyers desire.
  • Garage space galore. Luxury home buyers tend to also be luxury car owners. As a result, they want/need plenty of space to house their prized possessions. In fact, when was the last time you heard someone complain about too much garage space?
  • Outdoor living space. The importance of a beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing outdoor living space in any Naples luxury home can't be overstated. Taking advantage of the beautiful climate we enjoy is a top priority for those who choose to call Naples home. 
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