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Consumers Willing to Pay More for Net-Zero Homes

Most buyers want a home that pays for itself, energy-wise, for environmental and monetary reasons

WASHINGTON – And increasing number of consumers say they’ll pay more for a net-zero energy (NZE) home – one that produces as much energy as it uses.

The Propane Education & Research Council surveyed 2,200 U.S. adults who are planning to buy, remodel or build a home soon. Net-zero energy homes were found to be favorable for the majority of builders, buyers and remodelers surveyed, with 83% of buyers saying they’d consider an NZE home for their next home purchase or new-home build.

Cost savings and environmental benefits were the two most commonly cited reasons why buyers said they would consider an NZE home. To get those benefits, 81% of remodelers said they’d pay more for an NZE home – on average, 20% to 30% more. Construction professionals estimate, however, that it would cost 36% more for a home to meet NZE standards.

“The study revealed some really interesting data, and we were excited to see a majority of respondents express an interest in energy efficient and NZE home projects,” says Bryan Cordill, director of residential and commercial business development at PERC. “These insights can help guide construction professionals looking to grow their customer base in this emerging home-building approach.”

Cordill urged construction professionals to educate their customers on how a home’s energy systems and appliances can affect the overall efficiency of a home and its NZE status.

Source: “PERC Study Reveals ZNE Favorability and Willingness to Pay More Among Residential Customers,” Propane Education & Research Council (Aug. 14, 2019)

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